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Through our partnership with Microsoft, eimagine was invited to attend a two-part series of training webcasts on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Q2 CY 2012 release. If you’ve been living under a rock, that mouthful of a name is what Microsoft is calling CRM 2011’s Rollup Update 9 (RU9). Really, it’s an update on steroids introducing a slew of new social media features, cross-browser and cross-platform support, and a number of other great enhancements. Here’s what we got a chance to witness during Blitz Day – Part I!

Jamie Tozzi, the US General Manager for CRM, welcomed us to Blitz Day. Notably, the slogan for the latest CRM release is “Catch the Fever!” Not sure I want to catch any fever, but I am excited for the new features…

Selling the Sales & Marketing Story
The Senior Director of CRM Product Marketing, Seth Patton, gave a nice overview of CRM from a sales perspective. He focused on some of the standout features pushing Microsoft ahead of the main CRM competitors. I’m happy to report Microsoft is finally getting some of the recognition they deserve from independent market analysts for the CRM landscape!

Selling the Customer Care Story
Craig Dewar, the Director of Product Management for CRM, spelled out some of the major update features coming and all the benefit they will have for end users. Microsoft listened to the community and heard the outcry for things like social media integration, browser compatibility, enhanced visualizations, and improved business intelligence reporting… And guess what, those features have appeared.

Selling the Social CRM Story
There’s so much hinging on social media and how that will tie in with CRM in the future, Microsoft brought in a second Marketing Director (David Pennington) to speak specifically about the importance of social media and the future of integration in to Dynamics CRM. We all know social media is huge, but there are some staggering statistics on the true impact it is having on business. Microsoft is jumping on the bus ahead of schedule, which is great to see since I independent analysts agree it sure is headed in the right direction.

Selling the Technical Decision Maker Story
Girish Raja, CRM Product Marketing Manager, dug down in to more technical details to help keep us informed of how to disarm the technical decision-makers with some of the new and exciting features. Spoiler alert: Given all the enhancements and forward-thinking, it’s not a tough sell.

Make it Real Through DemoBuilder
As a real treat, Phil Haase (US Demo Team Lead) gave us the details on the new DemoBuilder tool. We’re excited to get in there and work with the tool to stand up rapid, configured, ready-to-use demo systems. It’s pretty impressive in the current iteration, and we will be participating in the discussions during future development to make sure it is secured as an invaluable tool!

Are you ready to “Catch the CRM Fever?” eimagine certainly has (!). We’re looking forward to Blitz Day – Part II!

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