iPad users (excluding the iPad Mini) who have iOS6.0 and above can now access Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online from Mobile Safari without having to install any additional apps.

CRM for mobile devices has been optimized for a better touch experience, including:

  • Space increased between functions making it easier to select
  • Pop-ups flattened
  • Help visor removed to increase space
  • Choice of portrait or landscape mode


Logging onto CRM Online through Safari gives users access to most functionalities from their iPad. Although some larger tasks can be viewed and users can edit records individually, not all functions are possible. These functions include: bulk editing, re-sizing charts or sharing records. Additionally, commands previously available in the Ribbon have been moved to the bottom of the screen in the command bar. Control options now appear via a quick tap revealing a list selection rather than hovering over and waiting for a pop-up. The question mark icon will lead you to the Help function where topics will appear in a new tab.

Be aware when you choose to install product updates. They cannot be uninstalled and often have several other features included in the update which cannot be de-selected.  If you are uncertain about any of the elements you can test them out first by clicking here.

This product is a great tool, designed for sales reps on the road, giving them quick access to the data they need. Microsoft has designed this feature for sales representatives who need to get work done from the road, while they’re on sales calls. Microsoft has eliminated pop-up windows from the user interface and made it simpler to use with the touch screen.

What do you think? Have you tried this out yet?

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