CRM mapping with CRM2Maps, created by Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011,  is a great tool to use for better visual understanding of your data leads. Implementing this tool will help you and your team members make better sales and marketing decisions.

With Microsoft Mapping integration using CRM2Maps, you can improve the way you record, track and analyze your customer relationship. It allows you to map leads, contacts and accounts directly from inside Microsoft CRM. This tool is free, easy to use, and provides you with a visual map of any CRM record with just one click. Users can convert a CRM record into a street or bird’s-eye view of the location of, for example, one of their sales reps or CRM customer contacts.


CRM2Maps is an extremely useful tool for your sales team for when they are out on the road. They can search all CRM contacts based on their current location, which can make the task of visiting several customers much easier. You can also pinpoint your sales reps location when needed,  which is a great feature especially when you need to find the nearest sales rep as a new sales lead comes in.

Get lost easily? Users can search and receive detailed driving directions, helping you and your sales rep get where they need to be on time, every time. Using CRM2Maps inside Microsoft Dynamics CRM also allows you to display all of your customers on one map providing all the information you need for one area at one time. In displaying all of your customers at one time, you will be able to successfully see where all your customers are thus helping you make strategic decisions for the future.

Using this tool allows you to keep in touch with your sales team, view areas of potential sales, perform target marketing, all while viewing customer’s locations. Data presented visually in this way is quick and easy to read. Ultimately, it’s a powerful tool for both office based Microsoft CRM users and your sales reps out on the road.

System Requirements:
• 32 bit Internet Explorer
• Dynamics CRM 2011 On-Premises or Online
• Microsoft Silverlight

You can download CRM2Maps here.

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