Dow Chemical, #52 on the Fortune 500 rankings, has definitely bought into Dynamics CRM for the long haul. At Convergence 2014, a Dow representative stated Microsoft had officially caught up with Salesforce in their CRM offering. That’s a big win, and great news for Microsoft and all other who have faith in Dynamics CRM!

Have you bought in yet?


Dow Chemical, the US multinational chemical solutions provider, has pledged to stay with Microsoft Dynamics CRM for the foreseeable future, as it believes the product has caught up with rival’s CRM suite.


Speaking to Computing at Microsoft Dynamics’ Convergence 2014 conference in Atlanta, Georgia, Andy Clark, commercial excellence technology manager at Dow, said Microsoft was continuing to improve its product.


“I think their chief competitor is Salesforce. [Microsoft] was behind before and I don’t know if they’ve caught up all the way but they are darn close and I think they are really trying to get there,” he said.


“Salesforce push for people to sign up for three-year contracts, and these are starting to finish and companies are re-evaluating now. At Dow, we’re happy and I don’t see us re-evaluating anything,” he added.


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