Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 5 was released on Tuesday, 10/25/2011, but today it becomes available for installation via Windows Update. Here are the major reasons (in my opinion) why you should upgrade to Rollup 5:

  • It contains the Q4 Service Update!
  • It introduces “Activity Feeds” for records.
  • Office 365 integration is included.
  • The Chart designer is enhanced, eliminating some of the need to export for changes.
  • Dialogs are updated to include date/time picker and Lookup fields.
  • Time stamps on reports, which were incorrectly displaying as a hour in the past, have been fixed.
  • Multipe time zone and DST fixes (for some countries outside the US) are included.
  • Mobile Express Device Detection now redirects mobile devices to the correct URL.
  • Several bugs that caused display quirks in the Outlook client have been resolved.
  • Stability issues running CRM in Internet Explorer 9 that were causing frequent crashes have been resolved.
  • A bug preventing late-enabling of additional languages for an organization has been fixed.

The following critical issues are also permanently fixed, previously available as Critical On-Demand (COD) fixes:

  • The Outlook client will not longer accidentally get in to an endless loop synchonization state.
  • The major memory leak (occurring in pretty much all versions of Internet Explorer) has been resolved.
  • Frequent Outlook client crashes caused by Update Rollup 4 have been fixed.
  • The issue causing unexpected results to be returned by RetrieveEntityRequest in the SDK (caused by Update Rollup 4) has been fixed.

Direct link: Microsoft Download Center – Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011: Update Rollup 5

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