Recently a few of us at eimagine had the opportunity to attend the Microsoft CRM 2011 Beta Presentation in McCormicks Place in Chicago.  The new version of CRM has many new features that we are looking forward to.  Along with sporting the new Microsoft Office Ribbon interface, Here is a short list of those features: 

  • Role Based Forms & Field Level Security and Auditing – entities can now have multiple data entry forms, with each form targeted to a specific roles.   Also, security can now be applied at the field level as well as changes can be tracked at the field level also.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Marketplace integration – The recently launched Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace (September 2010) will be available directly from within CRM 2011.  This will let users conveniently search for CRM Marketplace solutions from directly within CRM.
  • Team Ownership – Users who work in collaborative environments should find the ability to have an account or other entity owned by a team of individuals very helpful.
  • Multi-Browser Support – Have you ever thought it would be helpful to be able to run Dynamics CRM in a non-IE browser?  You will be able to with 2011!
  • ODATA Services- Developers will like addition of the new ODATA protocol to CRM 2011.
  • Charting – CRM 2011 will include the ability to create realtime dashboards and charts from directly in CRM without the need for SRS.

These are just some of the new features in CRM 2011, we will have more updates on these features individually, so please check back for more updates.

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