Following a recent trademark judgment from the UK High Court, Microsoft will be changing the name of their cloud storage service SkyDrive.  British Sky Broadcasting, aka BSkyB, has settled with Microsoft based on that court decision.  No major details were released (such as monies paid), but BSkyB is allowing Microsoft to use the name over the short-term, until a new one is determined.

The BBC has reported Microsoft will make it a global name change, even though the case was only bound to UK trademark laws.  Note this is almost a year from when Microsoft had to drop use of the “Metro” name (used to describe the Microsoft design language for Windows 8) due to a trademark dispute brought by Metro AG.   Microsoft will surely see fit to take the due diligence needed to avoid future naming concerns in the international market.

However, any name change will affect SharePoint and Office 365 users who see the SkyDrive and SkyDrive Pro verbiage, as well as the related mobile device apps.  One would expect to see a series of patches to update the terms across all product lines in the coming months.

So what will be the new name of SkyDrive?  I hope it is not “Office 365 Drive” as that would be a cop-out in my opinion.

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