Having been raised by college professors, I have always placed high marks on education. One aspect of education that I’m particularly drawn to is the value of having a good mentor. I remember on my first day of work at Kidder Peabody, Joe Lash, Co-Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, gave a talk on the value of mentorships. His talk stuck with me and I have continued to seek out mentors in my personal and professional life.

Unfortunately, last week I lost a mentor in the passing of Roy Rees. I met Roy when I was fourteen years of age and his lessons have stuck with me from that day forward. Roy placed high marks on preparation, discipline and creativity. As Roy used to say, “Practice doesn’t make perfect – it makes permanent; perfect practice makes perfect”. I spent nearly three years with Roy on the US Youth National Soccer Team and moved from Michigan to Texas to spend more time trying for “perfect practice”. I can assure you, I didn’t always achieve it, but I learned the value of preparation and discipline towards achieving your goals. As I reflect on the successes I’ve experienced in my life, Roy’s lessons have been with me every step of the way. I’ve tried to craft eimagine into a goal-oriented, disciplined company. Over the last five years, we have experienced 500% growth in our business. If we are to achieve 500% growth over the next five years we have to be disciplined in our approach and creative in the opportunities that are presented. Having a mentor to challenge our thinking, to push us outside our comfort zone and to strive for “perfect practice” is a vital component to that success. Thank you for all the lessons and time spent together – I will miss you Roy.

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