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Indiana to exempt ‘software as a service’ from Sales Tax

To entice the local tech scene, Indiana will become just the fourth state to pass such a statute. SaaS is a cloud or subscription based software distribution model in which providers host applications and make them available to customers via the web. This move will...

eimagine Named in Top 100 Best Places to Work in Indiana

For the fourth year in a row, we have been named as one of the Top 100 Best Places to Work by the Indiana Chamber. As part of this nomination, we included information about our community involvement, our *new* office space, and the various employee engagement events...

Are you willing to learn new things every day? Better yet … are you willing to make mistakes? At eimagine, we place trust in our team and provide the opportunities for our employees to enter into unchartered territories. Venturing down this path shows courage, engagement and responsibility and at the end of the day we all learn something. Here are a few other things you can expect as an employee of eimagine.

Come swim in our talent pool

Great ideas are cultivated with trust. That’s why we give our team a healthy dose of autonomy. Is the word “challenge” energizing? Does the freedom to make decisions give you goosebumps? Then, please, keep reading.


We created a culture of good vibes. From our Keurig machine to our fully stocked soda fridge, we’ll fill the cup that keeps your creative juices flowing.

But it’s not all work on our team. We have all the amenities to entertain your brain in our rec room. You’ll often find a hoard of Doctor Whovians lunching together in front of the Roku. And you can try to beat our running competition of finding the most obscure, horrible film to play throughout the day. Which is perhaps the best use of the Roku.

You’re a gamer, you say? We think you’ll like our setup: an Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii rigged up to our big-screen projector. Want a strategy rundown for Level 20? We’ve got our own in-house Dr. Mario expert. It’s no wonder they say we’re one of the Best Places to Work.


We believe in making a difference, even outside our walls. In the past 3 years, we’ve set aside $60,000 for causes that impact our community. We also encourage our team to donate their time and resources, too. Tell us what you’re passionate about, so we can provide company-wide support.


Treat yourself to a little self-care on us. We’ll pay for 50% of your fitness expenses up to $500 annually. That’s a lot of yoga or ninja warrior training sessions — whatever you’re into. We also reward wellness initiatives by placing funds into your HSA. Have a well-visit with your doctor? That’s money into your pocket. We reward healthy decisions. It’s that simple.

And if you are still yearning for more we have quarterly fitness challenges that we take very seriously (the last one included FitBits for all) but no pressure or anything


Our team is the cream of the crop, and we want to keep them that way. That’s why we cover all costs of materials and practice tests for certification exams. And when you pass (because we just know you will), you’ll not only have your test fees reimbursed, but you’ll also be eligible for a bonus. This is a great way to sharpen your skills, and we love what your sharpened skills can do for us, too