Meet Matt Ray

Mobile Practice Lead

Matt Ray

Meet Matt Ray, IT guy turned product mastermind. Matt has a lot of big ideas, and those ideas turn into some pretty amazing products and services, and he’s pretty fun to work with.

Matt currently serves as a Mobile Practice Lead at eimagine.  His main responsibility is to keep up with the latest mobile technology to help position the products and services of the company to meet current and upcoming demands of prospects and customers.  Seems like a lot to cram into a full day’s work, huh?  But that’s not all…he serves as a mentor within the company, works directly with clients and even dabbles in sales.

While Matt considers himself the Antithesis of the stereotypical IT guy, he has several notable accomplishments.  One is that he is the architectural mastermind behind the latest product offering at eimagine called Hddle.  Hddle is a mobile app platform that focuses on increasing employee engagement throughout all areas of a company by allowing real-time smartphone access to fellow staff and crucial company information.

Matt loves working with great people at eimagine that know how to work hard and play hard. He also enjoys the many opportunities to show off his more creative side at eimagine such as shooting mock commercials for phony mobile apps or presenting new technologies.

He also had a brief stint, years ago, as an Indianapolis-based Ghostbuster.  So, you know, you can call him. And he’s never been made fun of for it. Not even once.

Matt also authored a technical book titled “Getting Started with PhoneGap 4”.  He is a native of Indiana and a 2002 graduate of Ivy Tech State College. In his spare time, he enjoys decimating company president Scott Crane in racquetball, catching the largest fish in a given body of water, and mulling over ways to exaggerate other facets of his life.


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