Microsoft Project 2010 is the first version of Microsoft Project that allows the use of manually scheduled tasks. The manually scheduled task mode puts the project manager fully in charge of the project plan.Here are some things to keep in mind when you use manually scheduled tasks in Microsoft Project 2010:

  1. You can enter in text characters into the duration, start date, and finish date fields
  2. You can reassign manually scheduled tasks in the Team Planner without creating “Start No Earlier Than” constraints
  3. Allows for the use of top-down scheduling
  4. When saving your project as a Microsoft Project 2007 file:
    1. Manually scheduled tasks will become automatic tasks
    2. Manually scheduled summary tasks will be converted to automatic tasks and a milestone will be created for each summary task.
  5. When you first set the precedence of a manually scheduled task (one that has duration)  Project’s scheduler is used to set the start and end dates. However, if you change the duration again, the scheduler is not used and tasks are lengthened or shortened without affecting the neighboring linked task.
  6. To use the automated schedule while still retaining the manual task type, you can highlight the tasks you with to schedule and click the “Respect Links” command from the Task Tab, Schedule Group.
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