If you have never used keyboard shortcuts before it might be time to start, especially if your work involves heavy data input or heavy deadlines. Some users may already use Microsoft shortcuts throughout Microsoft Office applications. However, Microsoft Dynamics CRM also includes a variety of keyboard shortcuts to help speed up your processing and performance time.

Some keyboard shortcuts used in Microsoft Office Outlook are also used in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, making life a whole lot easier. Using keyboard shortcuts will improve your productivity. They are also to help new users work efficiently and quickly while they are still in the learning process.

Here are some useful keyboard shortcuts to get you started:

  • Ctrl+Shift+5 = Minimize Ribbon
  • Alt+F4 = Close an active form
  • Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y = Undo or Redo previous text change
  • Ctrl+D = Delete a record
  • Alt+S  = Save and Close a form
  • Ctrl+A = Select all text in the current list or field
  • Esc = Cancel a command/Edit or Close a record or dialogue box
  • Space or Enter = Open Search
  • Ctrl+S = Save a record
  • Ctrl+Shift+S = Save and Open a new form
  • Tab = Move forward through a forms fields
  • Shift+Tab = Move backwards through a forms fields
  • Ctrl+A = Select all text in the current field
  • Ctrl+Shift+3 = Jump to the site map
  • Ctrl+Shift+7 = Open recently viewed pages and view menu
  • Ctrl+[  = Move to the first tab on the ribbon
  • Ctrl+]  = Move to the last tab on the ribbon

For more keyboard shortcuts click here. These keyboard shortcuts and others will make tasks, such as data entry faster and easier.

Often users want to work faster and get their data into CRM more quickly. By using Keyboard shortcuts you will find it greatly improves productivity.

At first it may take a while to learn the keyboard shortcuts, but in the long run it will save time and soon become a habit when working with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.



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