The eimagine 2011 Olympic season kicks off today. First held in 2004, the eimagine Olympics provides fun and competitive challenges for employees. It allows employees from client sites and satellite offices that may not meet regularly to mingle with co-workers. Tonight, the season begins with the first of five events throughout the year, a Billiards tournament. This year the game of choice is nine-ball.

The Olympics really lives up to eimagine’s “Imagine the Impact” mantra. It is amazing how much a few fun events impact employee morale and encourage a sense of belonging. Whether an employee takes the events seriously or not, everyone seems to love participating and has a great time. eimagine has a real focus on employee happiness, and that definitely comes out in events like the Olympics.

More now than ever, I appreciate having the opportunity to participate in a fun event like the Olympics, since I have been located at a client site going on two years. Well, that… and desire to make up for last year’s shortcoming! 2010’s events were a very close fight between me and Wally Cabigas for the championship. We came in to the final event, Bowling, effectively tied for first place in the rankings. Wally and I are strong bowlers, both having placed first in the Bowling event in the past. I was under further pressure in an attempt to become the first ever two-time Olympics winner (I won the year before in 2009). Regrettably for me, Wally was up for the challenge and secured a win in the tenth frame.

Congratulations again, Wally, on your win last year… This year I’m coming to repossess the trophy!

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