At eimagine, we’re a Gold Competency holder in Microsoft Dynamics CRM. One of the perks of our level of partnership with Microsoft is that we get invitations to preview up-and-coming CRM releases. This year, there’s some exciting stuff coming out!

There are three releases (or sets of features) you can expect to see late this year:

  • “Leo” – This feature set includes much-needed updates to Customer Service functionality such as queues, routing, case management and contracts. Outlook synchronization is also expected to be revamped (finally!), along with some additional Microsoft Office Suite features for better productivity. Better SharePoint integration is also anticipated. If you’re an Android phone/tablet user, some manner of device support should be coming your way!
  •  “Subra” – The focus of this release is all about mobility. Subra should complete the UI/UX refresh, and enhance the web-based mobile experience for tablets and phones. Expect the native iPad app to be more polished and usable. There might be some additional native apps coming to more device platforms as well!
  •  “Mira” – The Mira release will focus on Marketing, big time. Expect to see completely revamped campaign abilities along with lead scoring, analytics and maybe even a drop-in eCommerce platform. This release will turn CRM into a true marketing system contender. We’re talking multi-wave campaigns, campaign response-triggered replies, landing pages, automation… Very exciting!

We can’t share too many details, as much of this is not public information yet… But perhaps that teaser will tide you over! More details should be available in early Spring, with public releases coming later in the year.

What are you looking forward to in the next release of CRM 2013?

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