It is amazing how legislation affects all aspects of your life in various ways.  I met with the Department of Education about the new Voucher program and how they are wrestling with handling that; and then a few hours later in a PTO meeting at school I find out how this same legislation will impact our school processes and administration procedures, as well as funding.

I then had lunch with a State employee today and he laid out the concerns that he faces with the changes in merit pay.  It is very interesting to reflect upon multiple sides of this issue.  I have traditionally been of the opinion that legislation effects people, but not necessarily me.  I know now that that I need to pay closer attention to how legislation directly affects me.  I appreciate those who have enlightened me to these effects and those who have taught me how to get the pertinent knowledge and to become more aware.

Our VP of Technology, Brian Bewley, always reflects on legislation or trends that he considers relevant as he looks at technology needs and solutions.  It is not all about making money; it is about making an impact, helping effect change, and understanding who and what is impacted.  I am glad to know people who pay attention and think things through to that level, or at least attempt to consider the whole picture.

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