Meet Laura Hansen

Vice President, PMO
laura-hansenMeet Laura Hansen, a seasoned project manager and the Vice President of PMO at eimagine. Laura leads the projects that drive success for eimagine clients. Her team helps clients at each stage with a wide-range of projects; everything from software development to the customization of applications such as Salesforce, Dynamics CRM and SharePoint.

Laura has been with eimagine for three years and everyone who talks with her can hear the enthusiasm in her voice that directly relates to her job and the team of people at eimagine. Her experience encompasses project management, systems analysis, and business process improvement.

Laura strives to be an inspiring leader who enthuses confidence in her team and with her customers. She is a strong motivator and is constantly encouraging her staff to perform at high levels, which results in them consistently meeting project and client expectations. For Laura, the motivation comes easy because she feels that the team at eimagine is like none other. She says

Some people might say they have a great team, but it’s really a 50/50 split. When I say I have a great team, I mean it. 100% of the team are hard workers who deliver extraordinary results for our customers every day. And have fun while doing it.

A self-proclaimed military brat, Laura made her home in Indiana after graduating from Purdue University where she received a Master of Science in Technology. She claims she is a home body, but she loves being outdoors with her husband and their dogs, playing tennis, taking art classes, and going to the movies.

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