Microsoft Dynamics CRM Kits

Solving your CRM Pain Points
Dynamics CRM Customization


Don’t completely abandon your fine-tuned practices and think you have to fit into the base CRM mold. We can help you by learning your business processes and creating a plan of action to get your CRM system adapted to the way you do business… Not the other way around!

eimagine’s Dynamics CRM Customization Kit produces a tailored action plan that adapts CRM to the way you do business.

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Dynamics CRM Implementation


Implementing a new product can be scary, especially when you’re not an expert. We provide the expertise you need to start things off on the right foot, and ensure your implementation is a success. Use our action plan, customized specifically to your needs, to plan and implement your new product with ease!

eimagine’s Dynamics CRM Implementation Kit is the sure way to get your new implementation off to the right start. Relax, and contact us today!

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Dynamics CRM Upgrade


All companies upgrade at some point or another, and it’s not always easy. Luckily, we’re experts in CRM system upgrades, whether it’s time to go to the new version, upgrade to a different deployment style, or simply migrate your data. We can provide the expert services you need to be fully prepared to execute well-planned and successful upgrade for your system.

eimagine’s Dynamics CRM Upgrade Kit puts the need-to-know facts for the upgrade in your hands. Let go of your worries, and contact us today! Click here to download a PDF of our CRM Upgrade Kit flyer!


Dynamics CRM Integration


In our experience, system integration is one of the most commonly reported frustrations by businesses. Dynamics CRM has great potential for integration, but you need an expert to help you navigate all the options. That’s why we’re here: We can provide you with the answers to successfully navigate your own personal system integration maze.

eimagine’s Dynamics CRM Integration Kit answers your difficult system integration questions. Let go of your worries, and contact us today!

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Dynamics CRM Training


In our experience, most CRM clients have some level of issues with system understanding and adoption. We begin by learning your system and processes, then creating a customized and defined training plan. Trainings are individually tailored to staff, managers, executives, administrators and technical audiences (whatever you need!) so everyone gets personalized instruction.

eimagine’s Dynamics CRM Training Kit gives you a complete roadmap to training success. Breathe a sigh of relief and contact us today!

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