Walking through your daily life, it’s easy to focus on the negative. I often think too much time and energy is focused on what went wrong, how can we fix it and what can we do better the next time. I’m guessing you’ve heard these questions at almost every project debrief you’ve attended. And while I think all of these questions are valid, if you are truly going to excel you do need to address them, I do think successes should be celebrated.

So I’m going to celebrate one… eimagine improved business development process. So many of us get lost working in the business, we forget to work on the business. Here is a process we worked on and guess what? It worked!

Our marketing team has been focusing on improving our marketing efforts to help shorten our selling cycle. One area of focus has been our eimagine Blog and ensuring we have current and relevant, blog posts. One of our bloggers wrote a blog about Xcode. A prospect found this blog via a Google search and liked it so much he reached out to our blogger via email. Our blogger connected our sales team to the Google searcher, who then worked with our newly created Capture Management role, to qualify the prospect and submit a proposal for work. If you come up to the second floor, you’ll now find us coding an Xcode iPad application for our then prospect, now customer. They are now a customer because of our process – marketing to sales to capture management to delivery.

It’s great when a process comes together to deliver results. I want to congratulate those involved – well done. If we keep working our process, what else can we achieve?

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