Rumors and speculation about the iPhone 6 are running rampant on the interwebs as time ticks down the next highly anticipated iPhone release. I’ve compiled some of the most anticipated features that people are all atwitter about below.

Release Date: September 2014?

Historically, Apple releases its new smartphones in the span between June and October. The last two years saw the release of the iPhone 5 in September 2012 and iPhone 5s/5c in September 2013, which leads to the idea that their new iPhone 6 will be September of this year. However, some rumors have placed the release date as early as August.

Be wary, though – there is a phishing scam out currently in the form of an email that appears to be from Apple, and claims that the iPhone 6 and iWatch are out now. It directs recipients to follow the links in the email and enter their Apple ID and password details in order to purchase the iPhone. Find out more here.

Shipping with New iOS 8

Okay, this is less a rumor and more a certainty. Apple has announced iOS 8, and given that there will very likely be a new iPhone this year (the chances of Apple breaking their streak of one a year is exceedingly unlikely), it’s pretty much a given that it will ship with the new iOS.

New Technology and Features

Rumors of new technological features to be included in the new iPhone are all over the place from the likely to the outlandish. Everything has been predicted from a 128GB model, to wireless charging, to a larger megapixel camera, to removal of the Home button, to the Home button becoming a fingerprint scanner. MacWorld has a list of possible new features – and a list of highly unlikely ones.

Slimmer, More Sleek Design?

Historically, every “s” version of the iPhone (i.e., 4s, 5s) has been the same design, with just new features, while “full” versions of the iPhone have been a completely new design (the jump in design from 4 to 5, for example). This means that the iPhone 6 will be completely redesigned, although what exactly this redesign will look like is up in the air. Rumors are flying everything from a iPod-like design (taking a reference from the iPhone 5c with a colored chassis, but with a light-up Apple symbol similar to MacBook), to a space-age sleek, rounded chassis, to a wrap-around display. And many more. In short, no one knows yet, but it’s generally agreed that it will have:

Bigger Screen Size(s)

The most consistent and prolific rumor is that the iPhone 6 will come in two sizes: a 4.7-inch display, and a 5.5-inch display. Compared to the 4-inch screen of the iPhone 5s, this is a huge jump – and brings the iPhone more in line with competing smartphones, such as Samsung’s Galaxy series and various Windows phones. This is probably one of the most anticipated features out there – Apple has consistently lagged behind other smartphone manufacturers in screen size, and for those of us who use their phones quite a bit, and for more than just calling, texting and the web, a larger screen is a necessity.

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