Vince Lombardi became one of the greatest coaches in the NFL, and in all of sports, by being dedicated to the pursuit of victory and preaching the gospel of commitment, teamwork, and perseverance.  He was once quoted as saying, “Individual commitment to a group effort – that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work.”  My experience over the last few months in working with our capture management team has made me a believer in that quote.

The first thing I asked when I joined eimagine was, “How did we get here?” By that, I meant how did the company grow over the last 13 years and what was the strategy for obtaining new clients?  I expected to receive a long discourse on sales techniques and marketing strategy, but was surprised to learn that the answer was simple; we grew organically through referrals from clients and employees.  So, I began to see for myself if this was indeed true.  I reached out to some of the developers working at offsite locations and at the office asking them if they knew of any staffing, software development, report writing, and business analyst opportunities at banks, credit unions, mortgage banks, student lending, insurance companies, and any other financial institutions that we should be pursuing.  I also inquired if there were similar opportunities in the Healthcare Industry (primarily hospitals), State Government Agencies, etc. that we should follow up on as well.

The result so far has been a flood of emails and calls with referrals.  I appreciate everyone’s help and am continuing to reach out and ask if anyone has additional connections or hears of any upcoming projects within any of these types of companies.

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