I was in the 2nd graduating class from the Indiana University School of Informatics, so I was pleased to be invited to come back to campus for this year’s Fall career fair. The school sure has come a long way, and I am honored to call myself an alumnus. The first of its kind, the school offers an innovative, interdisciplinary program in the application of technology to all fields of study.

The now-named School of Informatics and Computing joined forces with the seasoned IU Department of Computer Science in 2005. Now with over 2,000 enrolled students and near 120 faculty members, the school is booming–and growing every year.

As expected, the career fair was a great success. We met some stellar applicants for both full-time positions and internships. We are excited to move forward with more great Informatics graduates and students!

Learn more about IU’s School of Informatics here: http://www.soic.indiana.edu/about/index.shtml

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