It is important that you never delete a task that has a baseline as this will cause negative variance without a way to determine why. Instead, you should cancel or inactivate the unneeded task.

If you have Project Professional, you can inactivate a task that is no longer needed in the project with a click of a button. However, if you have Project Standard, you will need to follow this tutorial to inactivate a task.

  1. Navigate to the Task Ribbon ->View Group -> Gantt Chart
    Gantt Chart View
  2. Click the Select All in the top left corner of the table and select the Work table
    work table
  3. For the task that you want to inactivate, update the Remaining Hours column to 0h (hours)
    remaining hours
    Note: This will update the Gantt bar to a Milestone symbol
  4. Double-click the Milestone symbol on the Gantt chart to change the style (we want to differentiate between a milestone and a cancelled task)
  5. In the Format Bar dialog box, make sure the Bar Shape tab is active. Update the Start shape to another symbol and click the OK button. (I chose the circle)
    format bar
  6. Highlight the entire row of the task. On the Task ribbon, expand the Font options, by clicking the arrow on the bottom left of the Font group.
    font options
  7. In the Font dialog box, check the Strikethrough checkbox, update the Color to gray 35%, and click the OK button.
    Font dialog
  8. On the Task Ribbon, Properties Group, click on the Notes icon.
    Task Notes
  9. Add a Note with the date and explanation of why the task was inactivated and click OK.

If you navigate back to the default table (Entry), this is what the final product will look like:
inactivate task

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