Most people think a “tagline” is just words.  To us a tagline is nothing less than a commitment to the way you want to impact the world.  A tagline is a standard for working, living, and playing as person, team, and organization; without ours, eimagine is just another consulting company.

“Imagine the Impact” is a celebration of the amazing things people can do when they come together with a vision and mission to change the world.

eimagine helps organizations “Imagine the Impact” that ideas in action can create, then quantify it, identify the ROI, and put it into motion.  It is about giving organizations a way to improve the lives of their stakeholders with ideas in motion.

“Imagine the Impact” is about seeing what is possible with technology, people, and imagination.  It is about consistently driving to ask “what if?” and pushing that envelope further than any other technology consulting company in the world.

“Imagine the Impact” is an acknowledgment that we can create change for the better when we come together in thought, in imagination, and in a mission to make an impact.

Imagination creates ideas, ideas can change people, and people can change the world.

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