I have been going to the gym on the same regular schedule for the past 2 years. Every January the locker room is flooded with resolutioners who have made a pledge to be more fit for the New Year. This year, not even halfway through January the new crowd has already decreased significantly. By February, it will be back to regulars only.

I was thinking about it and not only are resolutions broken, but they’re also boring. Take a look at this list of the same-old same-old New Year’s Resolutions I’ve heard people pledge this year:

  1. Start a gym/diet.
  2. Cut down smoking/drinking.
  3. Go back to school.

Personally, I don’t make resolutions, I make goals. And I make them all year round. What’s more, my goals are specific and not generalized statements I can wiggle around and rationalize not getting done. Many of my life goals revolve around business goals because, well let’s face it, like most of us work so we can live! So why not take those traditional goals and turn them in to business goals for yourself!

Here are some ideas to get you started. Imagine the impact if everyone at your office did this!

Start a Gym/Diet = Get Organized

Fit is efficient, and every employee can benefit from being organized and more efficient. It’s time to bulk up your calendar, tasks, and spreadsheets. Get everything up to date and actually use the systems you put in place for yourself. If you don’t keep it up, you’ll lose all that newly established muscle tone!

Put your desk filing cabinet on a diet! Go through your desk drawers and guarantee at least 50% of what you find you can throw out. Then, you’ll be able to find the actual document you are seeking next time without wading through garbage. Don’t forget to maintain that diet or the weight will come right back!

Cut Down on Smoking/Drinking = Break Bad Office Habits

Do you read too much Wikipedia during work? Or spend too much time browsing Facebook? We all have some bad office habits that we can break. Whether it’s putting the phone in your pocket so you can’t respond to text messages all day or just keeping your internet browsing to a minimum, you know which habits are bad and how to break them. Make it a goal, the results will be great!

Go Back To School = Master a New Skill

It’s easy to fall in to a pattern as an employee and stop learning new things for your career. This is especially true if you have been working on the same product, service, or client for a long period of time. Learning something new can give you additional perspective on your work making it exciting again, or you can at least stay up to date on the world around you. You’d be amazed what a weekend of dedication does toward mastering a new technical skill.

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