iFrames in SharePoint 2013 have been added as part of Web Content Management Enhancements. iFrames are inline frames and provide an easy way to integrate data. This means that admins can embed dynamic content from outside sites into any SharePoint site HTML field.

For example admin users can now using iFrames do the following:

  • Embed videos, applications, maps etc. into page content, posts or blogs
  • Embed a custom application
  • Add HTML code to the page
  • Incorporate a page from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server Site
  • Embed commercial websites

iFrames have a default setting to restrict cross-frame scripting for security of the system; this is the most secure setting.  Using trusted sites in the target of iFrames is important to keeping your system secure. You can find more information regarding cross-frame scripting and security here.

Certain sites in iFrames will already be approved for use. By changing the default trusted external domains settings you can customize the field security settings to to approve or remove domains.

For example, if you want to use a YouTube video then you need to make sure ‘youtube.com’ is added into the approved list, which you will find in Site Settings – HTML Field Security.


iFrames are pretty easy and quick to use. However, let’s look at an actual example of using the steps to add a video from YouTube:

  1. Go to youtube.com and search for your video
  2. Click on Share (below the video) and then click on Embed
  3. Copy the highlighted text appearing in the box below the video
  4. Add a content editor web part on a page in iFrames
  5. Then in ‘Format Text’ tab in the Ribbon click on ‘Edit Source’
  6. Paste in the embedded code (the text you copied from YouTube) into the Source and click OK
  7. And Volia! Your video should appear embedded into your chosen SharePoint site page

Using iFrames you can implement Google Maps in Microsoft SharePoint on any generic website using Bing maps and include intranet applications too.  iFrames lets you seamlessly incorporate other web based applications.

SharePoint is such a flexible system. You can really customize it to fit your business needs and integrate applications with ease using iFrames.



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