Fairly often you will run into a scenario where you will need to run a workflow for 1,000 or more at one time. However, in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you are limited to selecting only 250 records at a time to run an on-demand workflow. This limitation can make processing a large amount of data a long and tedious process when you have to do several selections to complete all 1,000 records.

One option is to perform an import, which can be done in combination with a field update function. However, this is not always the most reliable option, because if records are being altered at the same time, they will not be taken into consideration.

This is where Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client comes into play, which offers a quick and easy solution. With the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client there are no restrictions on the number of records per page. From the CRM Ribbon in Microsoft Outlook you can select as many records as you need, and execute any operation including workflows.

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a view for the required filter conditions.
  2. Pin your chosen view in the CRM for Outlook Client.
  3. Right click on the view and select Pin this Tab. 

Pin this tab

  1. Select the records you want on the pinned view (Ctrl+A).
  2. Then Click the Run Workflow button on the Ribbon. 

Run workflow

  1. Next select the appropriate on-demand workflow.

The workflow will now run all of your selected records.

Do bear in mind that while this process is running you will not be able to do anything in Microsoft Outlook.

Using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Outlook Client in this way will save you an enormous amount of time as you import or export bulk records, and is more reliable than the import method.

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