Planning on taking Microsoft Exam 70-486 Developing ASP.NET MVC 4.5 Web Applications? I just passed the test with a sweet, sweet score of 906/1000. Read on for some tips and an exam chart!

This is the second exam for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification track for MCSD: Web Applications. MVC has gotten really popular these days. If you haven’t worked with it, learn it! I assure you, you certainly will not pass this exam if you’ve only worked in ASP.NET Web Form apps. You need to be at least intermediate level with MVC to pass it. In fact, I found this exam more challenging than expected.

Taking it felt more like a “PRO” level test to me, which are usually the last in a series. It had 45 questions  (5 more than the usual 40). The big surprise with this one was… Case studies! It had not one… Not two… But three case studies, taking up over half of the entire exam’s questions. The case study format offers real-life scenarios, complete with business and technical requirements and questions aimed at specific development problems and solutions. If you haven’t had case studies before, be aware–you can’t go back to review previous questions (or a prior case study) after you complete one. Personally, I prefer the case study format. I find them easier, since there is more information provided to help guide your answers in the right direction.

Want some good study resources? Check these out. (If you’re not familiar with Pluralsight, some lessons are free and others require a membership for about $30/month.) Start with the free stuff for sure:

How’s your preparation going? Did you score better than me in the exam? Let me know in the comments!

Application Architecture Standard MVC architecture
Developing custom route handlers
Deployment styles and implications
Windows Azure as a platform
Using the Razor View Engine
User Experience Designing for accessibility
Using resource files
Mobile-friendly design choices
Responsive design principles
Debugging Creating unit test projects
Unit test best practices
Visual Studio debugging options
Custom error and issue logging
Security Types of authentication
Password encryption best practices
Web.config security
Security differences in deployment types

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