If you plan on taking Microsoft Exam 70-480 Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 this chart is for you! This exam is the foundational exam for the Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer certification tracks including MCSD: Windows Store Apps Using HTML5 and MCSD: Web Applications.

The exam had 39 questions, rather than the usual 40 (weird?). Microsoft has introduced a new format for exams, which includes updated testing software with more interactive questions. I had a number of questions that were drag-and-drop style instead of the usual multiple choice. No case study questions, though! This exam focuses only on HTML, CSS and JavaScript. There’s nothing Visual Studio related on it at all. That caught me off guard, but I still managed to pass it ;)

There’s some new elements in HTML5 that I don’t regularly use. I’m definitely glad I studied up on those via this W3C article HTML differences from HTML4. Same goes for the new features in CSS3 you can read about in articles like this: What’s New in CSS3? – Notes of Genius.

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Using the DOM jQuery DOM manipulation
Canvas element
Browser storage APIs
Object and variable scope
Prototype functions
Program Flow AJAX
Wiring up events
Exception handling
Web workers
Working with Data Consuming JSON, XML
Serializing data
JavaScript validation
HTML input type validation
Regular Expressions
CSS Features Flexible layouts and adaptive UI
Screen size targeting
2D and 3D Transforms
Ways to show/hide controls


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