If you create a SubSite in SharePoint 2013, you may want it to take on the same look and feel from the parent site. This is easily done with enough permissions. However, by default, the link to the Master Pages was not visible on our site.

If you know the link you can navigate to it directly, but if you don’t breathe SharePoint, it might be a little easier to have the link available.

Follow these steps to get the Master Page link to display:

  1. Navigate to Settings -> Site Settings of the Parent Site.
  2. Under Site Collection Administration click on the Site collection features link.
  3. Enable the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure site collection by clicking the Activate button.
    SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Server Enterprise Site Collection features
  4. Navigate to  Settings -> Site Settings of your SubSite.
  5. Under Site Settings click on the Manage site features link.
  6. Enable the SharePoint Server Publishing Site Features click the Activate button.
    SharePoint 2013 SharePoint Server Publishing
  7. Navigate back to the Site Settings of your SubSite, under Look and Feel section notice a new link called Master page. Click this link.
    SharePoint 2013 Site Settings Master Page
  8. You can now update the settings of your SubSite to inherit the master page from the Parent Site.
    SharePoint 2013 Inherit Master from Parent
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