Recently I ran into an issue within Reports in Microsoft CRM 2011. I was tasked with deleting backups of old reports so that they wouldn’t appear in the reports list. When I tried to delete a couple of the reports I got the following error:

Managed Properties Error You cannot complete this action for this component because of the configuration of its managed properties.

Managed solutions are used in CRM in order to allow customizations and for security purposes to lock down certain entities, components, and reports so that they cannot be deleted. While it is best practices to uninstall a solution and reinstall it with the reports removed, time constraints may not allow this. Old unused reports are an example of something that you may want to use a workaround, for removing the reports without having to rebuild and install the CRM solution.

I researched the error and was able to update the IsManaged column in the SQL database for the ReportID of the report I wanted to delete. You can get the ReportID from the URL bar when editing or viewing a Report. I used the following code:

I was then able to go back into Microsoft CRM and delete the report in question.

If for some reason the update to the ReportBase table doesn’t allow you to delete the report. You can delete the records from the database manually. Make sure to create a backup of the database and reports you plan to delete, so that you can rollback your changes if needed. In addition, if you have any sub-reports, you should run your delete queries on the sub-report first before the parent report.

You can use the following code to delete the report manually from the Microsoft SQL database:

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