I was putting together a PowerPoint presentation for an internal training session here at eimagine, when I ran into this issue: I had a hyperlink that was hard to read because the link color blended in with the background color of my PowerPoint slides. So, I thought to myself…I know how to change a hyperlink color in Word…this shouldn’t be any different. I was wrong!

I tried everything from highlighting the link and clicking on the background color, the font color, and practically any other color pallet I could find and nothing…

After, wasting a ton of time trying to do what I thought should be a simple task, I asked Google and created the following tutorial in case you run into this issue too.

  1. Navigate to the Design tab.
    PowerPoint Design Tab
  2. On the Variants panel, click on the bottom right down arrow to expand the Variant menu options.
    PowerPoint Design Variants Panel
  3. In the expanded Variants menu, hover over the Colors menu option.
    PowerPoint Design Variants Panel Colors
  4. The Colors menu will expand, click on the Customize Colors… link.
    PowerPoint Design Variants Panel Customize Colors
  5. On the Create New Theme Colors dialog window, update the Hyperlink and Followed Hyperlink color pickers to the colors of your choice, and then click the Save button.
    PowerPoint Create New Theme Colors 
  6. You have now successfully changed the hyperlink color!
    PowerPoint Hyperlink Color


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