As we approach a new year, I thought it was important to share from an employer perspective how we assist our employees in meeting their career goals.  I’m a firm believer in managers and employees working together to accomplish goals. Here are a few steps we take at eimagine to accomplish this:

1) We meet with our employees about their careers. 

Each year during our review process our employees complete a goal setting worksheet.  Then our managers review these documents and meet individually with the employee to confirm the path they want to take with their career.

2) Set realistic, attainable goals.

The goal setting working I mentioned above helps our team develop SMART goals – specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely.  We encourage our employees to review this worksheet throughout the year to commit to and carry out their established goals.

3) Establish career development plans.

Our management team has worked hard to develop career paths that will give employees milestones for the achievement of their goals and how to further progress within the company.

4) Follow through.

Several times throughout the year our managers meet with their direct reports to ensure they provide assistance where needed in helping the employee meet their goals.  Managers also discuss the individual’s progress at this time so there are no surprises during the performance evaluation process.

By establishing and monitoring employee goals throughout the year, we believe we provide our team real-time input on their performance as well as motivating them to achieve more with their career at eimagine.

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