Content marketing has quickly become the trend over the last year in marketing departments everywhere. The concept opens new avenues for creating, gathering, and distributing your marketing message.  Content marketing, simply put, is the use of any relevant content to market your brand, product, or service.  Gone are the days when your marketing department was solely responsible for writing content.  Now, marketers are using white papers, guides or manuals, or any other content written by anyone in the company as marketing copy.  The members of your marketing team are most likely not the people who know the most about your product or service, but whoever writes your guides, manuals, or even white papers probably does.  Marketers can take datasheets or other content written by engineers, developers, or whichever employees have specific knowledge of your product or service and quickly create press releases, blogs, or other market materials.  It’s a time and a chance to celebrate what your business really knows and the individuals that make it up.

Specifically how can you start using content marketing? We frequently have our developers write tutorials on how to use Dynamics CRM and use the content as blog posts.  We also take content from our internal newsletter to create blogs. Anything we create, from sales sheets to white papers or tutorials and how-to guides, we recycle and use for social media posts, answers in industry forums, blogs, etc.

The goal is to show our followers, fans, and customers that you know your business and you know how to help them. If you can identify a common problem or question that your target market has, there’s a good chance someone in your business knows the answer, even if you don’t. Ask them about it. Even if they aren’t the best writer, getting their answers and ideas down on paper can help form marketing content. Marketing departments can edit, cut, or add content, just get the ideas from those that know them the best. Content marketing allows you to present your brand as experts in your area or industry. If you have content that is relevant to your fans, followers, or customers, they will see you as a resource and value what you say. It’s even helpful when recruiting new employees. Potential employees will see that you know the industry and business and that others turn to you for your opinion. Who wouldn’t want to be a company like that?

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