There are many benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics CRM with features such as automatically tracking and managing customer information, which makes it easier to analyze your customer data. In addition, accessing the information you need in one area couldn’t be easier with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, because it is fully integrated with all Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft CRM is growing in popularity, and with the latest improvements many small businesses are finding Microsoft CRM to be much more ‘small-business friendly’ in that they can easily tailor areas specific to their business needs. It also allows your staff to customize applications without having to be expert programmers or IT pros.

Some great benefits include:

  1. Automates Business Processes – Freeing up vital staff time and ensuring important repetitive procedures are always maintained.
  2. Tailors to Your Needs – Easily modifying Microsoft CRM to work the way you and your staff already conduct business, making it familiar and fast.
  3. Contains Marketing Tools – Simplifying marketing tasks with Microsoft CRM’s marketing automation module; such as: lead lists, customer specific campaigns, marketing results, history and sales forecasts.
  4. Tracks Customer Calendar of Requests – Viewing ability to all customer requests/follow ups in one area, making sure you will always keep up with customer service.
  5. Keeps Out-Of-The-Office Employees in Touch – Microsoft CRM’s Filtering ability. Many employees work several days a week away from the office, CRM allows you to continue to communicate by filtering through any relevant information to specified colleagues.
  6. Integrates with Microsoft SQL – Integrating with Microsoft SQL. Microsoft’s Dynamic CRM reporting engine has the ability to smooth integration of Microsoft SQL server; this powerful analytical tool allows you to view insightful business reports.
  7. Integrates with Microsoft Outlook – Accessing all CRM features in a single place.
  8. Displays a Familiar Interface – Working with Microsoft applications that users will already be familiar with and with options to personalize user interface, making navigation easy, fast and efficient.
  9. Uses Microsoft CRM Online – Fully managing your database through Microsoft’s remote server with flexibility of deployment
  10. Enables Security Levels – Enabling administrators to restrict permissions and control who accesses what information; helping to protect sensitive data.

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM team is constantly making enhancements and improvements with more and more marketing tools becoming available with each new update or application.

Once you learn the benefits of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, which include, but are not limited to: sales insights, business processes, increased productivity and improved efficiencies, you can use them for your company’s advantage. Find an IT company that are experts in Microsoft Dynamics CRM and see what features you can use to make your company more efficient.

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