Google recently launched a new developer suite called Android Studio, an IDE based on IntelliJ. If you have used IntelliJ before you should find many features of Android Studio already familiar to you, but some of you may be pretty new to IntelliJ and even newer to Android Studio.

If you are a newbie – I have tried to include some common tips and tricks here to get you started.

Android Studio integrates Android developer tools for debugging and development of apps. With more options available for Android Development, processes are faster and more efficient.

Included in Android Studio:

  • Powerful Code Editor based on the IntelliJ IDEA editor making it easier to read code and also managing code with advanced code refactoring and instant access to edit code. With static code analysis for Android development, recognising bugs has become faster.
  • Android-specific refactoring and quick fixes
  • ProGuard and app-signing
  • Create popular Android designs and components with Template-based wizards
  • Layout Editor with the ability to preview layouts across multiple screen configurations, drag and drop UI components/features and more
  • Gradle-based build support
  • See real-time changes
  • App translation service
  • Lint tools to seek out performance, compatibility and other issues
  • Easy access to Google services such as Google Cloud Messaging within Android Tools

At the moment you can download a preview version of Android Studio v0.1.1 for Windows, Mac or Linux, although as it is in the preview stage some elements are still not complete. The download includes:

  1.  All the Android SDK Tools to create, design, debug, test and profile your app
  2. The latest Android platform to compile your app
  3. The latest Android system image to run your app in the emulator

Android Developers stated that we’ve added features that are designed specifically for Android development, that simplify and optimize your daily workflow.” Although its still in its early stages; so far Android Studio seems to be getting the thumbs-up with pretty good feedback across the web.

Download here. The webpage includes step by step instructions on how to install Android Studio. However, if you prefer a video and  a Windows 7 user click here. 

Check out this video introduction of some of the features included in Android Studio.



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