There are a number of SharePoint Apps available including several new ones that were recently released, which can further improve your SharePoint website experience for you and your users.

SharePoint Apps are easy to use, and easy to install on your site and well worth trying out.

Below I have listed just some of the available apps that may be helpful. This list should give you a better idea of what these apps can provide and how they can improve the capabilities of your SharePoint website:

  1. Lightning Chat – If you want to message exchange within SharePoint, then this is a great App that will allow you to do so. It lets you create chats between multiple users (such as all of your team members), keeping you in the loop quickly and easily.
  2. VisualSP  – This is a useful App when time-saving is essential. VisualSP provides end users with help and training through a system of short video tutorials and screenshots with informative notes, making it faster to get to the knowledge you need to know.
  3. Tip of the Day Plus – This App is a nice little extra on your SharePoint site, providing users with useful daily or weekly tips about your site, your business or even to inform them of up-coming events, or your blog of the week. This is a flexible App which can be used for a variety of small tips, announcements or important information you would like to share on your site. You can store your tips and configure the App Web Part to display any entries you have made.
  4. Feedback Form – Easily add feedback and suggestion forms to allow your users to give their opinion on your site or on any category you set to receive feedback on. This is a great tool to engage your users with and give them away to provide  valuable feedback information fast. User information is collected with the submitted form along with the response, which can then be sent to the relevant departments for reviewing or exported into Excel.

There are many more SharePoint Apps available to spruce up your website or to provide valuable tools to your employees, but hopefully this has given you a little taste of what is out there. All of the above mentioned Apps are available through the SharePoint App store.

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