Task management apps are a very helpful tools for keeping both organized and prepared. Making each day a little less stressful and easier to manage.

Here is a list of free Android Task Management apps:


You can organize all of your notes, memos and lists in this app and then sort them by date, name or color. You can then send your notes to colleagues via email, Facebook or Bluetooth. Your notes are also stored in the cloud keeping them both secure and accessible from anywhere.

Download here.


Google Tasks Organizer

Improve your productivity and easily keep track of all your daily events and tasks with the Google Task Organizer. This app can sync with your notes and tasks from multiple Gmail and Google App accounts, thus allowing you to access all of your task notes in one area.

You can customize how you view your tasks in Google Task Organizer and keep your most important tasks at the top of the list for easy viewing. 

Download here.


Location Based Task Reminder

This app is perfect for when you need to pick something up on the way to the office! With the Location Based Task Reminder, you can track your out-of-the-office tasks by receiving notifications when you enter the relevant area.

This app will sound an alert when you enter the pre-defined radius. You simply need to define the task location by tapping on the map view and an alert will be sounded when you are nearby the saved location. 

Download here.



With this app you can not only have set reminders and lists for small tasks but you can also keep track of large projects step by step.

If you set up a project you can receive to-do reminders at each step of your project. This feature allows you to break down large project tasks until your entire project is complete.

You can also collaborate with colleagues when you are connected to the MyLifeOrganized Cloud. 

Download here



Trello is a great team task app, allowing you to create a board of tasks and add your chosen team members to the board.

Once you have added team members they can view, comment and post, helping everyone stay organized and up-to-date on project tasks.

You can also create personal boards or professional boards to keep private. Every task you input is automatically synced and saved to Trello.com. This way you can access all tasks while you are in the office while still using the app while you’re out on the road.

Download here.


There are of course many more Task Management apps on the market now worth mentioning such as the also popular Toodledo http://www.toodledo.com/ and Catch https://catch.com/ task management apps.

I have just listed a few free Task Management Android Apps to give you an idea of the choice that is now available. It is worth searching around to find the right one that suits your needs.

Using a task management app for your Android device is easy, fast and helps to keep you up-to-date. With these apps you can ensure to have your list complete by the end of the day!

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