There’s no way to explain the feeling of the first days after college graduation other than one word: surreal.  It felt like a whirlwind of celebration, anticipation, and curiosity.  I was excited to be starting a new job, never having another exam, or having to sit through four classes in one day. Still, I was overwhelmed that I didn’t know what was to come.  The importance of finding a good job has always been stressed to me.  Whether it’s an alumni that has come back to speak or a professor spending a lecture explaining his most valuable life lessons, it’s been clear that finding a job isn’t just seeing if you can impress a company. It’s just as much about seeing if they can impress you.  In college it’s hard to think you can be picky about choosing a job when you hear people talk about the endless number of interviews they’ve had or someone they know who graduated last year who still can’t find a job.  But your first job isn’t just a one semester class or a summer internship that has a quickly approaching end.  This job will be the launching point for the rest of your career.

It’s so nice to know that when I decided to work for eimagine I really felt like it was a two way street.  The people, the culture, and the work that is going on here is truly impressive. I haven’t been treated like I just graduated but instead have been given responsibility and direction.  I’ve even had the opportunity to talk about what my personal career goals are and what I want from this job and where I want it to lead.  It’s so important to find a place that you can be yourself and that challenges you. I learn more and more every day I work here and I’m surrounded by people who are eager to teach and answer my questions. It sounds crazy but you really do just know when you’re in the right place.  I am hopeful for my future with eimagine and am excited to be a part of this company.

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