Tracking comments in an edited document can be frustrating, particularly when there are a lot of or long comments to sift through. Word doesn’t provide an export function for these and often the only way to print them is to print all of the tracked changes as well, which can get very messy.

Below we’ll walk through a quick and easy way to “export” those Word comments into their own document.

Start by opening your edited document. Make sure to show your comments:
Edited Document


Click “File,” “Print,” but do not print to your default printer. Instead, choose the Microsoft XPS Document Writer. In the “Print What” dropdown, choose “List of Markup.”

List of Markup Print

Clicking “Print” will open an XPS document, which can be saved anywhere. It should look a little like this:


All of the comments in your document will be listed by page number and can be printed for easy review. Now if you ever need a quick list of the comments made in a Word document, you can use this little trick.



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