If you are using Microsoft Excel 2010 and have a bundle of information you would like to export into SharePoint, there is a simple way to do this to allow you to continue working and editing directly within SharePoint.

You can then edit within SharePoint in a standard view or in a datasheet view, whatever suits your needs.

To export a table of data to a list on a Windows SharePoint Services site, you will need to have a connection to that site along with permission to create lists.

Exporting table data to a SharePoint list enables you to:

    • Share table data with other SharePoint site users.
    • Allows other SharePoint users to open, edit and update data.
    • Changes made in the SharePoint list can be incorporated in Excel by creating a one-way connection to the data held in the SharePoint list. Then by refreshing the table data in Excel, it will automatically make the updates from the SharePoint site to your Excel worksheet.

Having the ability to export Excel data quickly and easily can be a major benefit, especially for those of you who like to work in a datasheet format.

Here’s how to export your Excel data into SharePoint:

    • From the Site Actions menu select More Options, which will open up a list. Click Import Spreadsheet and then click Create.
    • Next give this list a new name and description if desired.
    • Click the Browse button and browse to find your Excel Spreedsheet. Select it and click Import.
    • Excel will then open your file (run in the background).
    • Import to Windows SharePoint Services list will open where you can choose the cell range for your list.
    • Next click Import.

Now in the SharePoint window you will see your list has been imported into the SharePoint database.

You may want to customize your list view; for example, the order of the columns etc. You can do this by clicking on the List Settings on the right hand.

To update table data from a SharePoint List:

    • Click anywhere in the worksheet table that you desire to update.
    • This then displays the Table Tools, with a Design tab.
    • Select the Design tab – External Data group – Click Refresh.

If you want to unlink an Excel table from a SharePoint list simply:

    • Click anywhere in the worksheet table that you want unlinked from the SharePoint list.
    • This displays the Table Tools with Design tab.
    • Select the Design tab and in the External Data group click Unlink.
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