You get to work on Monday morning to find an overwhelming number of emails. The task of reading, replying and forwarding all these emails will take up a big chunk of time. Monday is already busy enough!

Microsoft CRM and ExactTarget can help you solve this Monday morning pain by providing critical marketing information to manage, respond and create personalized email campaigns.

Current Microsoft Dynamics CRM users will find it meets their email and business needs. The ExactTarget add-on also offers additional email marketing features and added benefits.

ExactTarget integrated with Microsoft CRM to improve your customer service communications, marketing feedback and help to increase your overall business sales. These features will boost email response times and correspondence, which will not only make a real difference to your client communication but will greatly improve your daily productivity.

ExactTarget is not only easy to use and configure, but it can help to strengthen your customer relationships with fast handling of bulk email responses. One example of this includes the ability to automatically deal with ‘unsubscribers’ or other routine email duties. Customer campaign responses can be recorded automatically and stored in CRM history records, giving you essential insight into your customer activity.

Users can additionally benefit from the following features:

  • Create highly personalized marketing email campaigns
  • One-to-one marketing applications
  • Automatic email campaign responses and info logs – such as automatic reply and response features for unsubscribing/subscribing
  • Ability to send large volumes of emails without effecting internal servers
  • Easily control quantity and timing of email sending
  • Extra tools to track, build and send emails from CRM
  • Insight into customer responses and behaviors
  • Email Tracking – know exactly how many emails were delivered, read, clicked on or bounced etc.
  • Email Template capabilities for common business scenarios including webinar notifications
  • Sales confirmations and follow-ups
  • Access functionalities and resources directly from Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft CRM together with ExactTarget integrates perfectly to enhance your overall Microsoft CRM experience.

For more information:

  • Here’s a video demonstrating the integration of ExactTarget and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  • Click here to learn how to install ExactTarget for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0
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