Energy Vampires are not allowed at eimagine. You might be asking, what the heck is an Energy Vampire? Our management team just finished reading Jon Gordon’s The Energy Bus and Gordon introduced us to the concept of Energy Vampires. Energy Vampires are “the people who drain your energy… and they… suck the life out of you and your goals and vision if you let them.” Unfortunately, we all know Energy Vampires and I bet you can feel them draining your will to live, or at least your will to get your projects done or tasks completed.

The Energy Bus tells a story of a man seeking to turn his life around and give focus and meaning back to it. The driving factor to this turnaround – positive energy. As Indy legend Bryan Neale mused at our kids’ baseball game, while watching a player clearly demonstrate negative body language, “energy drives performance.”

Gordon suggests that “energy is the currency of personal and professional success today.” I haven’t thought of energy as currency, but what a great concept. Energy as currency leading to success – that seems like a great process.

How often do you hear companies say their most important asset is their people? It can’t be a wrong answer, particularly for service-based or people-based companies like eimagine. Gordon has a different approach though. He proposes that a company’s most important asset is “energy.” What an interesting idea and definitely one which deserves some consideration.

I had to smile while reading Gordon’s line describing a positive, enthusiastic, successful person’s life as “extraordinary in the ordinary.” I often find myself looking at my son’s daily battle with type 1 diabetes and the extraordinary challenges he faces and how ordinary they appear to him. Keep up the positive energy Alex!

The next time you find yourself sliding toward negative energy, remember the importance of positive energy and damage brought on by Energy Vampires. And if you get time to pick up a copy of Gordon’s book The Energy Bus, I think you will enjoy the story and the bus ride.

Cheers to positive energy,


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