Meet Emily Lefebvre

Vice President, People Operations

Emily Lefebvre, Vice President of People Operations at eimagine, describes her work with the phrase,

“Time flies when you are having fun!”

Emily Lefebvre - Vice President, People Operations
What is People Operations? eimagine wants to take the focus off the standard “Human Resources” fare of compliance and micromanagement and describe what we really do here. It may seem cliché when companies say employees are their most important asset but eimagine truly believes it and puts this idea into practice every day. “People Operations” is a much better representation of the focus and commitment we have on employee engagement and development.

Emily’s role as the fearless leader of the People Operations team is not only to ensure that functions typically ran by traditional HR departments like benefits and compensation are handled properly but also to take a hands on approach to employee well-being, feelings of accomplishment and satisfaction, and career advancement. People Operations, with Emily at the fore, has spearheaded eimagine’s Employee Engagement and Wellness Programs, which helps the whole team feel connected and pairs mentors with mentees to further enhance company-wide communication and spread a positive company culture.

Emily’s fervent belief is,

“how you treat your people is what keeps them working at a company,”

and this has always been a major driver for her and her efforts to making eimagine an ever better place to work.

Emily also enjoys the recruitment process and finds great pleasure in talking with prospective employees about what they have to offer and how great it would be to join the eimagine team. Even after the onboarding process has been completed, Emily remains thoroughly engaged and enjoys seeing employees flourish in their new roles as they find their niche. Technology changes daily but the core principles of eimagine haven’t changed and Emily finds it very rewarding to say that eimagine has not dramatically changed from when it first started as far as core values and goals for employee engagement are considered.

Emily is a native of Indiana and a graduate of Purdue University. She currently resides in Indianapolis with her husband and three young boys and a menagerie of pets. She adores spending time with her family and friends in her free time.

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