Educator Licensing Framework

eimagine's paperless system for tracking and issuing licenses harnessing the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM

eimagine’s Educator Licensing Framework (ELF), is a complete solution for all aspects of educator licensing, from initial application through employment, developed on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform. ELF is designed to increase efficiency in the acceptance, processing, evaluation and issuance of certificates and licenses. An entirely paperless solution, ELF eliminates paper and postage costs. ELF also provides an integrated job board for candidates to find and apply to employer-posted jobs. ELF is geared toward licensing at state education agencies, but can be adapted to suit other types of professional licenses as well. ELF’s public-facing portals are designed with ease of use in mind, and the look and feel can be customized to fit in with existing solutions.

Features and Benefits

eimagine’s Educator Licensing Framework combines the convenience of an off-the-shelf product with custom development to create a one-of-a-kind licensing and job board solution. Off-the-shelf products may cost less and can be quickly deployed, but they do not provide many features or customization options. A custom-developed solution is often cost-prohibitive and the development process is time-consuming. Our Educator Licensing Framework combines the best of both products, for an economical solution with the features that your organization needs.

ELF is a browser-based system, meaning that it is accessible via web browsers, not a specific piece of proprietary software. Users can access the system any time via their own computers.

Microsoft’s CRM platform is at the heart of the licensing and job board system. Microsoft’s CRM platform uses a unified data structure, allowing users to use the same profile throughout the system. The framework leverages the full set of features inherent in the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, utilizing Microsoft’s XRM framework, including role-based security, a workflow engine, a reporting platform, and data migration tools. ELF is built on scalable technologies such as SQL Server and Windows Server, which are enterprise-level standards.

ELF is a completely paperless system, tracking and assigning licenses online only. Users can print out their own copies of licenses at their own computers. Users can upload electronic versions of their documentation through the system, speeding up verification. Eliminating paper, processing power and postage amounts to incredible savings!

ELF can be expanded and customized to your organization’s needs. The licensing system and the job board are interconnected yet able to become standalone applications, if desired.

Because ELF is based on the Microsoft CRM platform, it works like and with other, already familiar Microsoft technologies. Users already familiar with software such as Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office including Word and Excel will find it easy to begin using Microsoft CRM through the ELF system.


eimagine offers two products that make up the Licensing Framework: a licensing portal, and an employment and applicant tracking system. hese parts are able to operate on an individual basis, or can be combined for a fully robust system to handle all facets of a department’s certification/licensing and employment application needs.

Licensing Framework

eimagine’s licensing framework is a complete solution for all aspects of professional licensing, from initial application through issuance of the final license, including payment processing and renewing licensure.


For the end user, ELF is a system where an educator, or other professional needing a license, can log into a secure system and proceed through instructions on how to apply for, renew, or verify their current license using guidelines set up by the licensing entity, all online through a web browser. A teacher, for example, can upload their qualifications as attachments within the web-based system, and then when the license is verified, can print out their own copy of their license right from within their web browser. The teacher can also pay for licensing fees through the website, using payment gateways specified by the licensor. The professional being licensed can see the status of any of their licenses through ELF at any time, 24 hours a day.

For the back office users, ELF is a full-featured web application for processing information to qualify and grant the licenses.  It contains a powerful workflow engine that logs all details and communication regarding the case or transactions being processed.  As a result, ELF functions as a standard, complete repository of information associated with the transaction. Automated alert emails generated by the system are stored and logged, as well as individual emails from staff to outside users. If used with Microsoft Outlook, the system can seamlessly and automatically integrate with email so staff can continue to use their existing email system without the learning curve of a secondary communication system simply to track messages.

Job Board

eimagine’s employment and applicant tracking system allows an employer to post available positions on a public-facing portal. Potential candidates can  apply to open positions and track their current applications on one side of the portal, while an employer can utilize the functionality of Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage and evaluate candidates.


ELF features an integrated job board that takes into consideration an applicant’s qualifications and specializations. When completing licensing through the ELF portal, a professional can indicate which areas of specialty they would prefer to see employment opportunities for. The professional can apply to the jobs through the same portal that they receive their licensing and check on the status of those job applications as well. They can also choose to be notified of new positions within their selected specialties.

A unique feature available to the ELF system is a public-facing search portal. If desired by the licensing entity, ELF allows any member of the public, without being logged in, to search the licensing data available, as well as job opportunities. This lends transparency to the information within the system. The licensing entity can choose which levels of users have access to certain types of information.

Educator Licensing Framework In Use

Originally built for the Indiana Department of Education

ELF was originally built for the Indiana Department of Education, in response to a request for a teacher licensing solution. The Indiana Department of Education (IDOE) wanted a solution for the tracking and management of the licenses of 60,000 active educators. The paper-based system in place at the time resulted in lengthy processing times and additional expense for supplies and postage. The IDOE requested a web-based solution to organize and speed up the licensure process from application through issuance and the mailing of a license to an educator. The system needed to work for both internal and external users; educators needed to be able to record and track their professional development activities, and building principals needed to be able to verify this information for license renewals. Licensing advisors at 44 institutions of higher education needed to be able to log on and recommend their students for licenses. Click here to learn more about how eimagine helped the IDOE develop a licensing solution to their specific needs!


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