One of the things I like about working at eimagine is that we are strong believers in giving back to the community. We do several community events throughout the year, but the Indy Habitat Build is one of our favorites. We take a work day off to help build a family a home.

Indy Habitat Build Location

Indy Habitat Build Location

This year we teamed up with Chase Bank (which is actually one of our clients) for our habitat build. It was neat to get to know some of the people that work for several of the Chase branches, and they were fun to volunteer with. We worked well as a team and were very productive with the build.

Habitat Family - Janelle

Habitat Family – Janelle

It was also great working alongside the future house owner herself, Janelle. She was so excited about her house and that we were there to help her. She did not hesitate to help out! She told us about her plans for each of the rooms in the house, and how proud she was to own it. All of the volunteers signed the boards on the inside of the house, with a message for Janelle to wish her luck with her new home. 



This year at the habitat build we were tasked with helping to put siding on the house. This was a brand new experience for me as I have not done this before. Our hosts that worked for Habitat for Humanity were excellent teachers and we quickly learned how to install siding. We also had 2 people working on the trim and 2 people working with saws to cut the siding to the correct specifications needed.

Habitat Build - After Picture

Habitat Build – After Picture

Our CEO, Joel, Russell even showed up to participate for most of the morning of the build, which goes to show where eimagine’s passion for helping the community is rooted. It’s great that we get this kind of support from our CEO! The habitat build showed that we are able to work well as a team, even outside of our IT comfort zone, to be successful and build something amazing! 

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