In February, I was selected to represent eimagine at an Indiana University Career Services Career Panel. We were given the opportunity to have a dialog with some students about our first jobs after graduation, and our careers since then.

There were about 12 different employers on the panel, all represented by IU alums. We were graduates from as recent as 2011, and going back as far as the 1980’s! Job roles by the panelists were greatly varied, including administrators, managers, IT professionals, and even a lawyer.

The topics discussed by the panel revolved mostly about what courses, activities, and experiences from campus were most important or best applied in the real world. Many students had concerns about their activities, and how too much or too little of any one type of event or activity would affect their ability to get a job and form a career after graduation.

Each panelist was given an opportunity to speak on questions asked by the students and panel hosts. With such a diverse group, the responses were very diverse. Some panelists were very involved in student societies and club activities. Others worked part or full time as a work study. Others still poured their time into academics striving for the highest grade point average… Despite the diversity of the panelists, I was struck by the overwhelming positive message delivered to the students about their future careers. From panelist experiences it was clear no matter what the focus as a student, be it work or grades or serving the community, we were all able to build great careers. The students left the room with confidence they were on a good path toward their future careers.

Thanks are due to IU Career Services for allowing me to have such a positive panelist experience. I am excited about the next generation of students graduating soon!

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