I recently celebrated my 10-year anniversary at eimagine. I’m such an astute observer, over that time I learned a whole 10 things about eimagine. For those of you keeping score at home, that’s 1 thing per year. Follow me on my journey…

2008 – Year 1: Woah, I like these guys! What a close-knit team, in both work and play. This is definitely a cool place with a defined culture and bright future. I’m glad to be a part of the team. There’s nothing like direct mentorship from the company’s top leadership… That’s true dedication to their newest employee!

2009 – Year 2: Our people are our best assets. Every company I’ve worked for says “our people are our best assets.” eimagine’s talking the talk, and walking the walk! No other company has asked me to define my own job title and create my own ideal career path. For me, that will mean more time in front of clients and prospects, more variety and more fun!

2010 – Year 3: Let’s grow together. I know I can bring more to help eimagine and give back, leveraging my contacts at in government… I’m happy to be the first employee to start eimagine’s new State government practice. Aside from that, things are still fun–I placed first in the company-wide Olympics competition. And, I love that they are 100% supportive of my passion about charity, allowing me run the Community Service Team!

2011 – Year 4: Ready for what’s next. I’m really starting to fall into my role and find my path here. With a promotion into a much more sales-focused position, I’m ready to give back and help expand the company. We’ve added to our sales team, which is great for accelerating new business! It’s time to add more employees and grow!

2012 – Year 5: Moving up. I’m continuing the climb the career ladder here at eimagine, spending more and more time with company leadership and employees who have been here nearly since inception. I’m learning so much about the organization, and its dedication to company culture and our employees. I’m working hard to shine, and my efforts are not going unappreciated.

2013 – Year 6: Real recognition. Things are going great! I’m continuing to grow in my role and find my groove here. It’s been an amazing year, and I’m happy to have been recognized as one of Indy’s Best and Brightest in the Indianapolis technology space, among 9 other great Indy business leaders and peers.

2014 – Year 7: A focus on culture. It’s time to step up our company culture even more. We’re moving to more of a “flat” hierarchy from a corporate structure. This new “Player/Coach” model is going to be a great way to inspire employees to do better and work together. Policies are changing to support our work hard, play hard culture! And it has already paid off–we’ve been recognized as one of the top 100 places to work in Indiana!

2015 – Year 8: Leading the way. It’s time to make the move fully into company Leadership. I’m honored to be serving in a capacity to shape the company culture, and define and maintain who we are going forward. And, it certainly feels good to make a comeback, winning the company Olympics for a second time!

2016 – Year 9: Get well, be well. Employees are already happy, let’s focus on making sure they’re healthy, too! It’s great seeing everyone rocking their Fitbits, and participating in step competitions. We’re also expanding contributions and reimbursements for things like going to the doctor or joining a gym. There are more ways than ever for our employees to be empowered in making healthy choices!

2017 – Year 10: It’s about our people. I feel like things have come full circle. 10 years ago, I joined a company that truly focused on me as an employee, giving me what I needed to grow into my role and career over time. Now, it’s my job to share my story, give back and help our employees have the same experience–or one that even better!

Here’s to 10 more years, and all the excitement that will surely come with it. Cheers!

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