When customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM, it’s not uncommon to build a URL that directly points to a specific record or object. However, in CRM 2013, many items no longer have “Send a Link” or “Copy a Link” buttons that copy a URL with the record GUID to your clipboard. Here’s how to easily get the GUID of a any record in Dynamics CRM 2013.

In this example, let’s say we want to make a full-screen Dashboard for display on a TV screen or projector. The URL for a full-screen dashboard is:

In Dynamics CRM 2011, you could simply “Copy a Link” to that specific dashboard and get the URL, like this:

Copy a Link CRM 2011

But, in Dynamics CRM 2013 this option is no longer available for all items (most notably, Dashboards). When you also can’t use “Copy a Link” in the Command Bar, here’s how to get the GUID:

  1. Go to Settings > Customization > Customize the System
  2. Navigate to the entity
  3. Double click the record to edit it
  4. The record’s GUID will be in the edit window URL, as the “extraraqs” parameter. Be sure you don’t grab the GUID for your Solution by accident!

For other records like Opportunities, Leads, etc., which you can’t access the target record directly in the Customization pane, open up the record and use the “Pop Out” button in the upper right corner:

Pop Out CRM 2013

The new window that popped out will have a visible URL that contains the GUID as the “id” parameter.

Remember, when grabbing a GUID from a URL it’s surrounded by HTML encoded characters (%7b[GUID]%7d). Don’t grab the %7b and %7d characters or it won’t be a valid GUID!



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