I’ve been testing Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Update Rollup 12 (Polaris) On-Premises on a Windows 8 machine. A few entities (Leads, Opportunities and Cases) had issues where the ribbon was showing up completely blank, with no buttons. To my surprise, this problem was occurring not just in Internet Explorer, but also in Firefox and Chrome! This was a frustrating issue, and I couldn’t find any help on the forums or via Google. I tried everything from clearing my cache, borrowing a friend’s Win8 machine, bouncing the server, exporting/reimporting customizations …  all to no avail. Finally, I figured it out. If you’re having the same issue, read on and this might save you hours of frustration.

I figured out that if I forced IE9 mode, it would work correctly in Internet Explorer. Try it yourself:

  1. Press F12 to launch Developer Tools.
  2. Select Document Mode > Internet Explorer 9 Standards.
  3. The form will refresh, and the ribbon will appear!

However, after I did this I found that the Qualify button on Leads still did not work. When clicked, no popup appeared and nothing happened. This was due to the Currency field not being present on the form. If you have this problem, you simply need to add the Currency field. Just make it invisible if you don’t want to see it.

Since the IE9 mode fix above only works for IE (and you have to do it every time you access CRM), here’s how to fix the error permanently from CRM settings.

  1. Log in to CRM as an administrator.
  2. Go to Settings > Administration.
  3. Click System Settings.
  4. On the “Customizations” tab, uncheck Load pages in the most recent version of Internet Explorer.
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