Over the past couple years of leveraging CRM, I have found many great tools to simplify the process for working with CRM. Several months ago, I found a great tool to assist with modifying the ribbon. Before this tool, I had the wonderful privilege of going through all the XML to customize the ribbon. The CRM 2011 Visual Ribbon Editor can be found on CodePlex at the following link: http://crmvisualribbonedit.codeplex.com.

This tool takes away the complexity of understanding the XML. The editor gives you a clean GUI to preview the changes as you make them. You have the ease of referencing web resource images and wiring the buttons to any javascript you can come up with. If you work with Dynamics CRM, I would highly recommend adding this to your list of tools.

I am always curious what other great tools there are, so if you find one, let me know.

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